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THe ART of Paper Flowers

Paper flowers have been around for many years. Years ago, people used paper flowers to decorate their homes when real flowers were out of season and not available. Today, we use paper flowers for a variety of occasions, including weddings, holidays, special events, gifts, and, of course, decorations for our homes. 

The art of making paper flowers is a special thing. Many hours go into creating each flower. Creating templates, cutting individual petals, shaping them, arranging them, and making sure every detail is in place takes skill and patience. Each flower is unique and handmade, and we are constantly working to update and improve patterns that enhance the realness of each flower. 

Paper flowers are surprisingly sturdy and flexible. The realistic look of paper flowers makes them a beautiful addition to any event or special occasion in life. Check out the shop to see what flowers are currently available or click here to request a quote for a custom arrangement. 

We also have limited selections available at Homespun: Modern Handmade (869 Mass Ave, Indianapolis, IN) and Blooms: A Floral Studio by Wildwood Market (1015 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN).