Colors and CARE 

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Crepe paper

We use multiple types of crepe paper to create a variety of flowers. Below are descriptions of the different papers we use. 

Extra fine crepe paper is a very thin and lightweight crepe (60 gram) that allows us to create a wide range of flowers and give each flower that ultra-realistic look. Flowers with many petals, such as the Juliet Rose, or flowers that are delicate benefit from the use of this extra fine crepe.

Double sided crepe paper is essentially 2 layers of crepe that have been fused together to create a thicker, sturdier crepe paper. This crepe is mainly used for flowers that naturally have a two-tone appearance or flowers with large petals that need the stability of a double sided crepe. All flowers can be created using the double sided crepe paper; however, flowers that are traditionally made with the double sided crepe would not be able to retain their shape and appearance when used with the extra fine crepe.

Floristic crepe paper (180 gram) is used for flowers whose petals are large and need a sturdy paper to retain their shape. Because this paper is thicker, the crepe lines are more visible but give great strength to larger petals and flowers. This paper is used occasionally. 

*Each flower is uniquely handmade and colors between batches of crepe paper may differ slightly. We've found that the variations in petal shape and size, and paper color gives arrangements a very beautiful and natural look. 


Paper flowers are sensitive to water and moisture. Take extra care to keep your flowers away from water sources or places of high humidity. When using paper flowers for an outdoor event, be aware of the weather and plan accordingly. Keep your flowers away from open flames. 

If you've been using paper flowers as decoration in your home, you may need to dust them periodically. Simply use a can of compressed air at a reasonable distance to blow away excess dust and debris. 

Like most dyed or tinted paper products, paper flowers that are left in sunlight will fade over time. This effect is gradual and creates a very natural look. If this is something you would want to prevent, be sure to place your flowers away from windows where sunlight would shine on your flowers. If you are placing a custom order for an event, flowers will be created as close to the event as possible to ensure color accuracy and saturation. 

Flowers are constructed as sturdily as possible. The flower head should remain attached to the stem in most circumstances. Occasionally, a petal may detach from the main bloom of delicate flowers with large petals such as the outer petal of a garden rose. If this happens, simply use a low temperature hot glue gun or a glue stick to reattach the petal to the flower.