How to customize your order 



The first step in creating a custom order is choosing what flowers you want. You can create an arrangement of a dozen Peonies or mix and match flowers to create a visually interesting bouquet. Each flower is attached to a 12'' stem and completed with sepals and 1 or 2 leaves. Stems can be pre-cut (or bent) to fit an arrangement or left full-length so you can arrange them yourself. You can request buds (for some flowers), smaller blooms, extra leaves, decayed petals, etc.* We are always adding new flowers to the shop, but if there is a flower you would like us to try, please let us know. To see what flowers are currently available, click here


After you've chosen your flowers, the next step is to choose the color of your crepe paper. While some colors are specific to a flower, like a white Magnolia, other flowers can be made with a variety of colored crepe papers. When deciding on a color palate, choose a main color, add a complementing color (or two), and then add a neutral. The arrangement to the right uses a variety of pink and peach tones, with a complementing aubergine Peony. The orange blossom branch adds a neutral flower and a pop of color that brings in the orange hues from pink/peach Juliet Roses. To view our current color options, click here


vAses and foliage

After you've "picked" your flowers, it's time to choose a vase and foliage. We currently offer 2 options of vases: The standard vase is a glass or ceramic, clear or white vase that will complement any flower arrangement. The premium vase, also glass or ceramic, comes in variety of colors and is a high quality vase that puts that extra finishing touch on an arrangement.* All arrangements pictured on this page are shown in premium vases.  

Foliage is the last step in creating an arrangement. Most arrangements pictured here are shown with olive branch stems, but custom greenery can be added to arrangement.* Some examples of foliage include olive branch, eucalyptus, ferns, lamb's ear, ornamental grass, etc. We use synthetic foliage in 90% in our arrangements; however, custom foliage may be requested. 


*All additions and upgrades will be reflected in your personalized invoice. All flowers are handmade and most orders take 10-15 days to complete from time of payment. For orders of 10 flowers or more, please allow more time. Should you need an order faster than the allotted time, please make a note on your custom order form. Pricing will reflect rush orders.