Individual Blooms

Below are the current individual blooms we can create as part of a custom order. Under each flower is a description of the bloom and the price per stem. Most flowers are available in a variety of colors. To see what colors are available, click here.


Benjamin Britten Rose

A beautiful rose from David Austin, the Benjamin Britten Rose is a deep red-pink rose whose bloom is circular in nature. Add this rose to an arrangement for a pop of color.


English Tea Rose

This beautiful English Tea Rose is the perfect addition to any arrangement or bouquet. Over 100 petals give this bloom the softness and beauty of a fresh picked rose from the garden. Shown in blush in a premium vase. (Other colors available.) 



The Daffodil is a flower that signifies springtime and rebirth. They may also symbolize creativity, inspiration, renewal and vitality, awareness and inner reflection, memory, and forgiveness. Shown in yellow and white in a premium vase. (Other colors available.) 



Another beautiful rose from David Austin, the Evelyn Rose is a sister rose of the Juliet Rose and boasts many petals. Evelyn Roses typically come in light pinks and apricots. Shown in honeysuckle/blush in a premium vase. 


English Garden Rose

These English Garden Roses are the epitome of luxury. These classic roses, seemingly freshly picked from an English garden, are filled with petals to give a soft and traditional look. (Available in other colors.)



Gardenias are beautiful and classic flowers. They are associated with several meanings including, purity, love, and refinement which makes these a perfect choice for a wedding bouquet. Gardenias are available in white, white/vanilla/chiffon. [True Gardenias turn yellow as the bloom ages. For this effect, new blooms should be white, slightly aged blooms should be vanilla and aged blooms should be chiffon.] (Shown in white/vanilla in a premium vase.)